- Links -
If you happen to want to play Q2 with or against me, you can find me with this:
It should give you the server I'm playing on whenever I'm online and In-game.

Here are some links to take you to the Q2 communities that I frequently visit:

North American Insta League
NAiL Forums
Immortal Reapers |iR| Clan Forum
Immortal Reapers Website
Tastyspleen.net Forums
Monsterkill.org Forums
RUST Game Design
Planet Quake: Quake 2
Backshooters Quake 2 Community Forums
Q2Scene.net: Serving TDM players worldwide
North American Duel League
R1CH.net: Home of R1Q2 and Anticheat
EGL Q2 Client Home
Quake 2 World.net

These are some of the websites of my Quake 2 friends from around the world:

Deacon's Tomb: File Warehouse
Le Ray's Q2 Maps
The J-Spot
Paril's Projects
Clan BTF
Clan WOS
Team BOD
X7[Q2C]'s Maps
S.O.B[WOS]'s Maps
Kold Designs

Due to repeated inquiries for information, by various Quake 2 players,
I thought it might be useful to put up some links to the
Mapping Utilities and Programs that I use to create maps for Quake 2.
With these, you should have everything you need to make your own content:

Here are the 3 most important executables that you will need,
no matter what editor you use: qbsp3.exe, qvis3.exe, and arghrad.exe

Here is a link to the QuArK(Quake Army Knife) website.
This is the editor I use to design the maps:
QuArK Website
QuArK 6.5 alpha 8 DOWNLOAD

Here is a short tutorial I wrote to help you set up Quark
and get started mapping with it:
Setup Tutorial for Quark

Lately, it has become nearly impossible to find consistent
hosting for tutorials on making quake 2 maps. To help, I have
collected what I could find of the now defunct Rust Game Design
tutorials and put them up on this site, so that they are not lost forever.
You can access them at the link below, but remember that most of the
example map downloads will not work, as I could not find the original .zip
files. You may also run into some broken links to pages and certain
non-essential images. Hopefully there's enough left to be of some use.

You may also want to create custom textures or browse
through your directories and quake2 .pak files for graphix.
I recommend using Wally. It's a great little program built with q2 in mind.

This link will take you to the homepage for an
awesome design utility called: Nem's Terrain Editor.
It will allow you to create realistic 3D landscapes and
import them in .map format into your Quake 2 map editor.
Terrain Generator Homepage

In addition to using Wally(see above) to make textures, you will
also need a semi-powerful graphics manipulation program.
Here is a link to Irfanview, a Freeware and totally badass
graphix utility that will allow you to open/create most graphic
file formats. It does batch conversions and it also has some
basic filters that will allow you to fine tune your custom images.
This is very useful for converting content from other games to
graphics that q2 can use and applying palette changes.