- Works In Progress -
Map Name: WDDM05 : The Temple of Trials
Status: Approx 8 months in the works so far.
Hit a few snags..
Game/Mod: Quake 2 DM/FFA
Projected Player Load: 8-16
Weapons/Powerups: All
Description: Upon completion, this map will be a large, slightly gothic arena with cold
lighting and winding corridors that lead to various interconnected
underground chambers. Swift platforms will carry the player(s) to the more
open, upper floors of the large buildings and rooftops, from the dark and
treacherous vaults below. In many rooms, I've incorporated a 2-way
teleporter/portal that leads to the farthest side of the map, giving
the players a really sweet way to stay on the move and cover large areas
in relatively little time.

The upper balconies provide ample opportunity for some interesting rail
battles, and the dark hallways below will definitely be great for chaining
and charging with the SSG, cutting down any enemy that steps into the

Deep underground there is a hidden chamber of lava pools and catwalks.
I plan to put the RA down there to facilitate some wicked close-quarter
skirmishes over the often coveted protective device.

Things that still need work: Well, I'm still in the middle of the tedious but unavoidable detailing
and trimming stage, but I've got most of the major architecture finished
at this point, and every hallway but one has been run between the rooms.
I'm still deciding on a few textures and in the next week or so I plan to
work on placing walkway lighting reminiscent of q2dm8 into most of the
simple hallways to give them some life and atmosphere.

After the walkway lighting I'm going to cut and paste some recessed wall
lights into the larger underground halls and chambers, and I am going to
have to come up with some sort of ceiling fixture to brighten up the center
of a couple of rooms.

I'm in the earliest stages of deciding exactly which weapons should go
where, but I kind of designed certain areas for certain weapons so I'll
just have to run thru the map over and over and figure out what paths
lead to what areas the easiest.

Then I'll place weapons and their corresponding ammo accordingly.
Finally, in a month or two, I'll get to do the always enjoyable
spawnpoint placement stage, and a final build.
Then you guys will get a brand spankin new map to play with!


Map Name: WDDM04 : Tread Softly
Status: about 4-5 months so far...
kinda on the backburner
Game/Mod: Quake 2 DM/FFA/RAIL
Projected Player Load: 4-12
Weapons/Powerups: Everything but the Invulnerability
Description: This map is a fairly open arena, with a multi-story tower adorning
the center of the area. I plan to have most of it encircled with other
buildings/walls in a fairly realistic manner to close off the outside
edge without just putting a big flat wall. The different levels of the
tower can be reached by a variety of means (portals,platforms)including
the roof of the building and it's parapet. The entire structure is
enclosed with a deep moat and accessible by bridge in 4 points. I'm
sure that I'll be making a DM version of the map with all weapons, but
depending on how it actually feels and plays, I'm considering making
an Insta-gib version for rails-only DM.
Things that still need work: Almost everything. lol. Actually, my plan for this one won't look a lot
like the screenshots at this time, at least color wise. At the time
I took these screenies, I jsut wanted a lit version to take pics of
and I slapped in some temporary lighting.
I'm going to use most of these textures in the finished product, but
I'm going a little greener with the whole deal and the lighting will be
drastically darker and mostly deep green accent lights on the building
and other structures walls. I'm leaving room to cut in ground level
spotlights (in green) that will shine up the walls giving them a very
creepy vibe, and the water will undoubtedly become a much greener
substance, although probably not slime(the hurtin kind...).
I'm also still doing a bit of layout to figure out how I can
build the edge of the level so it doesn't look like such a box
I'm envisioning a rooftop/building wall scenario kinda like
the cs_italy map for Counterstrike where it looks as if the level
is tied into a bigger city/complex.
October 30 2006
November 10 2006